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With the Suspension of Operations and Plans to Look to a New Future for the Saint Joe Campus and Community, Saint Joseph's College has made the decision to work with Hilco Fixture Finders, LLC, in partnership with Eaton Hudson Inc, to sell off selected assets and memoribilia to provide funding for the ongoing work to begin a new chapter in our SJC story.

While a large number of items are to be sold, key assets that are core to the History of Saint Joe or will be critical to a successful restart are being retained and will be safely stored during the suspension of operations.  Those key assets will not be available for resale.

All others items will be for sale to Alumni, Friends, and the General Public at the Hanson Recreation Center beginning on MONDAY AUGUST 14th 2017 at 9am Central Time. Once the sale begins the Hours of Operation will be:

NOTE: Labor Day (9/4/2017) the hours of operation will be 11:00am to 4:00pm

MONDAY  9:00am to 5:30pm
TUESDAY  9:00am to 5:30pm
WEDNESDAY  9:00am to 5:30pm
THURSDAY  9:00am to 5:30pm
FRIDAY  9:00am to 5:30pm
SATURDAY  9:00am to 5:30pm
SUNDAY 11:00am to 4:00pm

Parking will be available via Drexel Parkway to the Fieldhouse on the days of sale

All purchase transations will be processed by Hilco Fixture Finders and will be subject to the terms and conditions set by them.

Additionally, opportunities to purchase items which are of specific interest to alumni will be conducted via an online auction beginning at the end of August.

Questions about any specific items to be sold should be directed to



See the Below Post for Additional Details:

UPDATE – AUGUST 25th, 2017

Information about the On-Line Auction of Saint Joe related Memorabilia:

Saint Joe is partnering with Hilco Fixture Finders and Eaton Hudson to assemble a collection of items that we feel carry memories and connections of the times spent on and around Campus to make available in a special sale.

While Hilco will be conducting the Auction as well as the On-Site sale during the Alumni Association Homecoming/Rensselaer Octoberfest Weekend, all the items selected for both are being vetted and selected by Saint Joe Staff only.  Having people who understand what may carry special meaning to Pumas was very important to the Phoenix Team and we do want to thank those who have been assisting with that selection process.

The On-Line Auction will begin on Friday September 1st 2017 and is (for now) scheduled to conclude on Monday September 25th 2017.

Hilco and Saint Joe will provide a Link to the On-Line Auction Page within the next week.  It will be posted to our Facebook Page and “pinned” to the top of the page during the entire month of September as well as on this Website.  Pictures of items we expect to place up for bid will be occasionally shared there as well.

Auction Items listed on a Friday will close for bidding on the Monday that is 10 days after the listing.  So the Bidding period will look like this:

ROUND ONE: Begins Friday 9/1/2017 and Ends Monday 9/11/2017

ROUND TWO: Begins Friday 9/8/2017 and Ends Monday 9/18/2017

ROUND THREE: Begins Friday 9/15/2017 and Ends Monday 9/25/2017

Creation of a User Account on Hilco’s Auction Page will be required. New items will be listed every Friday during the Auction Period. Highest Bidder gets the item.  Shipping Charges will be an additional cost.  Local Pickup (some of these items will be large/heavy) can be arranged immediately after the conclusion of the Auction and completion of payment.  If you’d like to avoid the shipping costs and plan on attending the Alumni Association Homecoming Weekend Event, Hilco will have additional staff on-hand during that time to handle local pick-ups. Hilco can also make arrangements to ship any of the items successfully bid on after the conclusion of each On-Line Auction.

We will also be putting aside a number of SJC Branded Items that will be specifically placed in a special section of the sales floor during the weekend of September 30th.  This will coincide with the Homecoming Celebration being organized by the Alumni Association as well as the Octoberfest Celebration that will be happening in the City of Rensselaer.  More details and pictures of what will be in that section will be posted in the coming weeks as we continue to gather the items that we hope to make available. 

For specific questions about this Auction or specific items that you do not see listed once the Auction starts, please do not reply directly to this email as it is an automated account.  Instead please contact one of the below email addresses for more information: or

UPDATE – AUGUST 18th, 2017

With the first few days of our general sale at the Hanson Recreational Center now behind us, there is an anticipation of larger crowds visiting this upcoming Saturday and Sunday.

Hilco has been continuing to prepare items and add them to the Rec Center for this weekend and, based on what has sold so far as well as what is being prepared, the following is partial list of what can be expected to be found on the sale floor:

• Office furniture: Couches, chairs, desks, & filing cabinets

• Folding tables and folding chairs

• Dorm Furniture: Beds, desks, wardrobes, & chests

• Cafeteria seating: tables and chairs

• Ladders

• Janitorial equipment and supplies

• Office supplies

• Musical instruments and pianos

• Amps and speakers

• Appliances: Ranges, refrigerators, A/C and heaters

• Exercise equipment

• Desktop PC’s, laptops, monitors, and printers

In addition, Hilco is ramping up several specialized sale requests. The following items and collections can now be seen and bid on by pre-scheduled appointment. Requests for appointments can be sent to

• TV studio

• Radio Station

• A/V equipment

• Laboratory equipment

• Theater props and accessories

• Cafeteria equipment

• Vehicles

• Sports equipment

• Pool Tables

• PBX Phone System and ~200 Phones

• Specialized IT server equipment


Since announcing the sale of unneeded assets to fund a future Saint Joe effort we have received a large number of queries to our designated email address at  This was expected and we are in the process of working through those requests, delegating some of the more specific ones to the Team at Hilco Fixture Finders, and answering some of the more general questions as quickly as we can.  Based on some of the more common questions, we have posted a few answers here and will continue to update as this sale continues. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A FLUID PROCESS AND MAY CHANGE IF CIRCUMSTANCES WARRANT.

LISTS/PICTURES/CATALOGS OF WHAT IS FOR SALE:  For the many requests that we have had about a “complete” list of what we are selling, unfortunately that will not be possible.  Currently the sale is being organized at roughly 3 levels: 

The 1st level is the generalized sale that is being conducted at the Hanson Rec Center starting Monday 8/14.  The items that are being set up in the Rec Center are items that are being pulled as Hilco Fixture Finders and SJC are conducting walk-throughs of each building on Campus and determining what can be released to raise future funding. Those items will range from new Air Conditioning units all the way down to Staplers.  Because of this and the fact that the Recreation Center is going to be continually “restocked” for at least several weeks we won’t be releasing a catalog of items to be sold.

The 2nd level is going to be items that would be better served in a specialized sale and/or auction.  This would generally be items such as Vehicles, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Studios, and Labs where buyers are interested in a “complete” purchase.  Since each of those sales will be unique in some way, those will be handled on a case-by-case basis and announcements on those will be case-by-case as well.

The 3rd level is an online-auction of items that we feel will carry special value to the SJC Family.  Much of this falls into what would be considered Memorabilia and examples would consist of SJC-logoed fixtures, clothing, a limited amount of signage, props, and many other miscellaneous stuff unique to the Saint Joe experience.  These items are still in the process of being earmarked and put aside for the auction and when it is ready to go, the auction site will have images and descriptions of each item up for bid.  The decision to conduct this portion of our sale on-line was based on the desire to give all of our Pumas, regardless of where they are located, a fair chance to bid on and own some of these items.

Truly unique items and item requests are being handled on a case-by-case basis.  If you have sent an email to the Business Affairs Office in the past or have sent an email to about something individually unique (a small plaque, one-of-a-kind desk, table, etc…) we are compiling a list with Hilco and Fixture finders to look for the item and earmark it for a possible one-off sale to the requestor.  If we get multiple requests for the same item(s), we will consider listing it on the online-auction instead and will try give the requestors a heads-up if that occurs.  Again, since we anticipate that this process will be going on for several weeks, please keep in mind that the lack of an immediate reply doesn’t mean we haven’t earmarked your item as “something to look into”.


As a reminder, the goal of these sales are to raise funding to support our activities and efforts to create a future for Saint Joe.  Since that is the goal, this does mean that we are “holding back” on a number of items that we have identified as desired or necessary to both a restart of Saint Joe as well as connection to our past.  While those “hold back” items are still being identified as Hilco works with us to go through each facility, we have designated a number of things that will not be for sale:

CAMPUS GROUNDS FIXTURES:  In-place fixtures such as signage, landscaping, statues, and the park benches (both named and non-named benches) will not be for sale for the foreseeable future.

FIXTURES, FURNITURE, AND SUPPORTING EQUIPMENT FOR ALL FACILITIES THAT HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED AS “1ST TO BE OPENED” DURING A RESTART:  In general, if a building or supporting infrastructure has been identified as crucial to a restart on the Campus (The Core Building and the Chapel would be a couple of examples of critical facilities) the fixtures and items that are in those buildings will be kept, especially if keeping those items will reduce any restart costs.

KEY VEHCILES AND MAINTENANCE EQUIPEMENT:  Items that are needed by the Facilities Team for the care and maintenance of the SJC Campus will not be for sale for the foreseeable future.


The sale at the Hanson Recreation Center will begin on Monday, August 14th.  The entrance to the sales floor will be between Raleigh Hall and the Richard F. Scharf Alumni Fieldhouse and is clearly marked.  Parking will be available in the adjacent parking lot and will be accessible via the Drexel Parkway entrance (across from WalMart and the Demotte State Bank).  The front reception desk will be manned during sale hours by a member of the Hilco Staff, who will be able to answer general questions with regards to items that have already been placed on the sales floor.

The Hanson Recreation Center sale will be a fixed-price sale.  Prices on all items should be marked.  If you find an item that isn’t marked, please see a Hilco Staff Member and they will be able to assist.


·        Cash

·        Mastercard, Visa, Amex, & Discover

·        Wire Transfer (please see a Hilco Staff Member for WT arrangements)

Specialized Sale Items (such as Vehicles) not located in the Recreation Center may have more restrictive purchase methods, again please see a Hilco Staff Member if needed.

Thank You - SJC

(This web page will continue to be updated as any new sale information becomes available.)

(This page last updated on 9/1/2017)